Sunday, March 14, 2010

Two Hours and Counting Oh God

In about two hours we leave for the airport. We want to get there at least two hours before our flight because it's international.

I should mention something: flying freaks me out.

Maybe that could have been more articulate, but it isn't like I know why they freak me out. Generally people are nervous about flying because of this "availability heuristic" - even though we know there's a much higher chance that we could die in a car crash, we SEE more airplane crashes on tv. So, since we see it more, it's readily available in our minds. Availability heuristic.

But uh...I crashed the car on Tuesday so I don't think that's the problem. (Oscar - the car - is surprisingly ok.)

Whatever it is, I have no problem with most of the awesomeness of this trip. Wandering through a country where I don't actually speak the language? No problem. Poor sense of direction? I have that here, I just know the maps better. Pigeon listed in the menu translation section? Come on -- that's just awesome.

Taking the plane to get there? know, I'm taking two different classes this semester all about how drugs are bad, but valium is sounding really good right now...

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